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Chat & Natter
Healthy living in old age
Louise Morse

Introducing Chat & Natter Tables

Manchester is in the lead when it comes to innovative ideas for older people.  It’s strategy is to make life as enjoyable and inclusive for them, and everyone else.  It comes up with new ideas and events all the time.One of its latest ideas is the Chat and Natter Table. Its website says*, ‘A Chatter & Natter table is where customers can sit if they are happy to talk to other customers.

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Amazing is possible at 82 and beyond!

Unless you’ve been meditating on a mountain top with no transmission, you’ll know that Wales beat England 21-13 in the Six Nations rugby match last Saturday.  Max Boyce probably wrote another song to commemorate it.  In the crowd was an 82 year old who’d never been to a rugby match before. (Perhaps she moved into Wales late in life.)  She said that meeting the team was wonderful, adding, ‘It will be hard to top that one.  I’m 82 years of age and to have something like that happen to you at my age is amazing.’

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How ‘the One Who Sees’ changes a bad place to a blessing

I’ve learnt something today that has blessed me hugely, so I thought I’d pass it on to bless you too.  It’s a story of God’s grace and wonderful ways, and how He can transform a ‘bad place’ of despair into a place of blessing.   You’ll remember Sarah and Hagar and their sons, Isaac and Ishmael, and how Hagar was sent away by Abraham because Ishmael mocked Isaac at the boy’s weaning ceremony (Genesis 21).  Not just light teasing; the word indicates intense derision.

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What makes us happy?

In his book, ‘Happy Ever After’, behavioural scientist Professor Paul Dolan says that we’ve been ‘lied to’ about what makes us happy.  Speaking with Andrew

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After a talk or workshop people sometimes ask questions (or will send an email later)  that are not easy to answer, because so much depends

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