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Ageism affecting older people.
Caring for older people
Healthy living in old age
The seeds sown in grandchildren's hearts can blossom years later.
The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is deep and unique, and the seeds sown in grandchildren's' hearts lives on and can blossom, long after grandparents have died.
Age Reversing Factor so astonishing study lead professor takes daily supplement himself
A substance found in sea squirts renewed the brains of aged mice. The lead Professor was so impressed he now takes a supplement each day.
Be kind to yourself by being kind to others
When we do kind acts for others we are also being kind to ourselves - to our brains and our bodies.
15 million people fewer with dementia by 2040 if current decline continues
New cases of dementia are falling, and if the decline continues by 2040 there will be 15 million fewer cases. This is happening without drugs, and is down to the power of friendship and life style changes
This old pastor's 'equipping' helped him in dementia
When a 90 year old pastor developed dementia his wife was stuck for something that the Day Centre could interest him in. Then his wife came up with an idea that built on the gift God had given him.
Setting ourselves free from stress
We need a little stress in our lives simply to keep us going.  But chronic, high levels of stress are dangerous to our physical and mental wellbeing.
What happened to the principle of 'do no harm'?
A drug with a controversial FDA approval, with a surrogate end-point because it failed to achieve its first, has been put on the back burner.
If goodness shines to the Heavens, this Hospital is a lighthouse
Embedded values in the Loma Linda University Hospital staff make it outstanding in terms of care and medical expertise. In contrast, Judith Wood writes of the agonising experience of her brother in law in an NHS hospital.
Easter - and my son comes back to life because God's Son gave up His.
Airlifted to hospital with traumatic brain injury and more, after a hit and run driver knocked him off his motorbike, Easter was a time of coming back to life for Vince.
Giving thanks in tough times guards your soul
Giving thanks in tough times helps you more than you realise it guards your soul.
Keeping all your plates spinning
We forget things all our lives, but after the age of 50 worry that forgetting may be a sign of dementia. There has been a rise in cases of Mild Cognitive Impairment, but this is reversible and avoidable and not necessarily the start of dementia.
A good family life and community means less dementia
Where people are living in close knit communities there tend to be lower rates of dementia.
The light that our ruin lets in
How we cope with fear
Bombarded with fearful news every day that promises worst tomorrow - how can we deal with our fear? We can do as the Scriptures say, and bring every thought captive to Christ.
Ukraine - a Halleluia in the presence of the enemy
A letter from Ukraine from David Bute, the English Pastor and entrepreneur who has been building businesses and the Kingdom of God there for over two decades.
Seeing ourselves as God sees us
Oh, would some Power give us the gift; To see ourselves as others see us’, wrote Scots poet Robbie Burns, but the greatest gift is to be able to see ourselves as God sees us.
Aduhelm, the new drug to beat Alzheimers or the bomb that blows the Amyloid-B Hypothesis out of the water once and for all?
It failed its clinical trials but Aduhelm, the drug that dissolves plaques on the brain, has been approved by the FDA for the Accelerated Approval Lane amidst doubts about its efficacy or safety.
My Hot Chocolate Moment, and How the McDonald’s youngsters did it for me
The smiles and friendliness of two young workers at McDonald's was my special 'Hot Chocolate Moment' of the day.
Light bulbs that help track how an elderly relative is doing
Helping elderly relatives can be difficult, especially when they want to maintain their independence, including those living with dementia, so a light bulb that sees and monitors is a boon.
How to deal with terrifying news headlines
Today's news headlines are enough to make stone statues nervous and depressed - yet God has already given us the wisdom we need in handling them.
Never mind happy – let’s have a contented New Year!
We love to be happy, but happiness is temporary and depends on circumstances. Instead, let's do the things that develop contentment, a more stable mindset that carries us through all circumstances.
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