Ageism affecting older people.
Caring for older people
Healthy living in old age
How a tiny village sacrificed itself to stop the plague
350 people self-isolated to stop the plague. 260 of them died. But they succeeded, and deserve to be honoured.
Weep for them, and for ourselves, as we are all in danger here
The danger that dementia poses for all of us, and the heartbreaking stories of people struggling with it, who need care.
How can you let go when you haven't said goodbye?
In the Covid-10 crisis, many people haven't been able to say goodbye to their loved ones. It can make grieving more intense, and the shock greater. But Jesus holds all things together, and we can tell Him what we want our loved one to know.
A kiss over the wall that goes straight to the heart
Excluded from the care home because of the Covid crisis, each day he blows a kiss over the wall to his wife of 49 years.
Feeling all at sea?
Feeling all at sea is how memory loss can feel - and husbands or wives who can't visit their other halves in care homes because of the Covid crisis. The Bible has a verse to reflect on to bring peace.
How the Covid crisis has reset our values
The reality of life in the Covid crisis has shifted our values, so we now recognise the value of people like carers, who make a difference in people's lives.
Dancing with Grandma
During the CV-19 lock-down, grandparents and grandchildren are keeping in touch over WhatsApp, Skype and so on, but are missing the human touch, and the hugs. Once lock-down is over, a new study suggests that , dancing with grandma will do more good than they realise.
We must break this 'conspiracy of silence' about dying
Covid-19 tells us that we need to break the conspiracy of silence about dying and death. If we believe that 'death has lost its sting' why are we silent?
Turning cartwheels as we mind the gap!
When we pray there's a gap between what we see in our circumstances and what we're asking God to do. As King Jehoshaphat's strategy reveals, praise helps us bridge that gap: we always need to mind the gap!
Looking after yourself in lock-down
Isolating ourselves is unnatural, even though we know it's essential in the coronavirus crisis. Here are ten top tips for looking after yourself.
Rising ageism in the crisis and how it's being challenged
Ageist attitudes are being seen in the response to the coronavirus crisis and pressure on NHS resources. But experts are also combating it, pointing out the value of human life.
A child's rainbow lifted a lonely medic's heart
A rainbow in a window drawn by a little girl, supporting the NHS, encouraged a lonely, slightly frightened medic.
A legacy of honour for NHS 'hidden heroes'
The 'Beating Heart of the UK' that is the NHS wouldn't work without everyone working in it: all the unseen heroes like the cleaners, porters, office workers, and more.
Freedom to meet again soon, but a greater freedom remembered today
'We will meet again' when the Coronavirus siege is lifted, but this Easter Sunday marks a much greater freedom - one we can hardly imagine.
Coronavirus - there is hope, people!
There is hope, people! was Richard Briley's message celebrating the recovery of his 86 year old mother, admitted to hospital with a broken spine, who recovered fron the Coronavirus. There is also hope in the stories of a 104 year old grandma, a 104 year old granddad, and a 95 year old grandma who also beat the virus.
Let's applaud the invisible army of family dementia caregivers!
Thousands of people caring for a loved one with dementia are cut off from people who normally encourage and help them, because of the Coronavirus crisis. They need our prayers - and deserve our applause!
Betraying the 'great generation' in the coronavirus crisis
The 'great generation' - the 90 year olds and up who sacrificed to build the country up after the Great Depression and the 2nd World War should be sacrificed in the Coronavirus crisis, Professor says.
Disconnection destroys us - but King David's prescription restores us
Disconnection, such as the isolation necessary to prevent the spread of Covid-10, can make us anxious and affect our mental health. The Hebrew King David had a perfect prescription for putting it right.
Carers are 'critical', says Prime Minister
The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has said that carers looking after the elderly are critical. So let's now see a proper social care plan with sustainable funding.
Toilet rolls; technology, and a bedrock of human kindness
In the corona-virus isolation and fear, a bedrock of human kindness is rising to the occasion
Unforgiveness can affect your mental health
Withholding forgiveness affects our mental health, especially as we age. Here is how to do it.
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