Ageism affecting older people.
Caring for older people
Healthy living in old age
My Hot Chocolate Moment, and How the McDonald’s youngsters did it for me
The smiles and friendliness of two young workers at McDonald's was my special 'Hot Chocolate Moment' of the day.
Light bulbs that help track how an elderly relative is doing
Helping elderly relatives can be difficult, especially when they want to maintain their independence, including those living with dementia, so a light bulb that sees and monitors is a boon.
How to deal with terrifying news headlines
Today's news headlines are enough to make stone statues nervous and depressed - yet God has already given us the wisdom we need in handling them.
Never mind happy – let’s have a contented New Year!
We love to be happy, but happiness is temporary and depends on circumstances. Instead, let's do the things that develop contentment, a more stable mindset that carries us through all circumstances.
Buckle up for flight 2022!
Sound advice for us as we advance into 2022!
The Problem with Britain's Dementia Care - and how other countries have got it right
The common factor in countries that have good social care for older people is that their societies push for it, so accept paying higher taxes, whereas in the UK there is no such push, because of ageist attitudes.
Things to do at Christmas that can boost faith and cognition in people living with dementia
We all have memories of Christmases past, that can be evoked by Christmas celebrations. There are also activities that families can do at Christmas that help boost faith and cognition, and that will bless everyone involved.
Will You Be Fat in Heaven?
Even those with the strongest faith have questions about God, live, and eternity. J John's new book answers 38 of the most prevalent - and difficult! Such as 'Why does God allow evil?' and why do bad things happen to good people?
The Criminal Scam That is Stealing People’s Homes
Criminals are stealing home-owners' identities, then selling their homes without their knowledge.
Knowing your purpose in the New Year!
We were born to have purpose in life, but often we feel adrift and without it. But God has planned our purpose for us even before we were born - we just need to adjust our view of what it means!
Families, fun, affirming faith and prompting 're-menting' this Christmas
Many things make Christmas special, but one thing can make it even better for people living with dementia or mild cognitive impairment. Our new Brain & Soul Boosting for Seniors' Christmas special can help strengthen mental processes (cognition) and bring contentment that creates perfect conditions for 're-menting' - that stepping through the fog momentarily as wholly themselves.
Think yourself younger!
When the Queen turned down an award for 'oldie of the year' she said we are as young as we feel, and therefore she didn't fit the award criteria. Research shows we can think ourselves old or young.
A big soft hug device for people with advanced dementia
It looks like a long-limbed monkey doll, but a therapeutic device newly released by Cardiff Metropolitan University improves the wellbeing of people with advanced dementia
How the kindness of an older man helped a lonely, abused boy.
Although he's loved by many as an actor and entertainer, there was little love or respect in Billy Connolly's childhood. In his new book he describes one of the best things that happened to him was when an elderly man gave him a 'bob-a-job' along with respect and a listening ear.
When your hairdresser is the best medicine
Hairdresser says thank you to her older customers for their loyalty, and to encourage them as they come out of lock-down. She organises a fish and chip lunch and other retailers chip in to help, also.
The deadly ripple effect of the anti-vaxxers
Anti-vaxxers are entitled to their choices, but is it right that when they get Covid they put extra pressure on the NHS and people needing urgent treatment are denied it?
How can we encourage someone with dementia when they're in hospital?
Hospital can be discombobulating for any patient, but those living with dementia find it even more disconcerting. Dr Jennifer Bute, a senior GP who has been living with dementia for 14 years, shares on this Zoom from professional and personal experience. And Louise Morse describes the one thing that physiotherapists say is usually missing, that is vital to their good care.
Let's pray urgently for a righteous decision for our nation
This week the nation teeters on the brink of choosing to serve God or Mammon. Prime Minister Boris Johnson's plan for funding social care properly is to raise national insurance contributions or taxes. But he is opposed by Cabinet members who say it is morally wrong to raise taxes. Is it morally right to refuse help to thousands of disabled adults, or frail elderly? Are we serving Mammon or Grace?
God's original plan and the great times ahead
We are so used to living day by day, just coping and growing in faith that we rarely take time to wonder how life would look if the Serpent hadn't 'won' in the Garden of Eden. Here are some thoughts by one of the world's best Bible scholars.
Talk Beats Pills to Ease Dementia Ills
With no cure for dementia attention turns to prevention and things that can hold the symptoms back - Brain & Soul Boosting Sessions are doing just that!
A close friend and communications technology staves off dementia
New research shows that a friend who listens and using technology to stay in touch increases brain volume, improves cognition by '4-years worth', and staves off dementia.
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