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Perhaps the most encouraging response came in a telephone call, asking for permission to photocopy pages of ‘Worshipping with Dementia’.  ‘Why do you want to photocopy the pages?’  I asked.

‘There are eight of us, all retired, including me; I was a vicar.  We visit care homes.  It started when my wife went into a home with dementia.  And then we started visiting other homes, and we always use Worshipping with Dementia.  People like it very much, and we’ve noticed that the carers are listening, too.  We would all like a copy, but for 8 of us it would be nearly £73.  So we thought we’d ask if we could photocopy it.’

They were sent eight complimentary copies, with our prayers and blessings.

* * * * *

Most feedback to the books, talks and social media is positive and encouraging.  But there have been a couple of negative responses, which have raised a smile!

Commenting in an Evaluation Form, a participant wrote, ‘She spoke too fast and didn’t keep up with the slides.’

From another participant: ‘Talks went on too long – older people have twitchy bladders.  Talks should only be 20 minutes long.’

A review on Worshipping with Dementia in a Christian magazine a few years ago read, ‘it will join the ranks of ready-made service material that, once read, will be soon forgotten.’  In the event ‘Worshipping with Dementia’ continues to sell well, and there are frequent requests for another version.

A daughter emailed, ‘My Mum was given your book ‘ Worshipping with dementia’ when she was caring for Dad who had vascular dementia. He died in February 2012 at 89. Mum died in September this year, but she loved this book and read it from cover to cover over and over again as a daily devotional book. I now have the book and find it a great blessing. I have just ordered a copy for my brother who suffers from anxiety and depression. I think that this is lovely ministry for anyone whatever their situation and wonder if you could publish it again with a different title to be aimed at a wider audience. I think it could become a devotional classic.’

* * *

After listening to ‘Developing usefulness in old age,’ a woman wrote, ‘The day was God ordained for me.  It opened my eyes; I hadn’t thought about God’s plans for older people like that before.  It was illuminating.’

Following talks on the Dementia Kaleidoscope, the organiser wrote, ‘So many people told me how helpful they had found the talks.  They were encouraged and felt better able to help people with it.  And they said they were more positive about visiting and supporting family carers.’

After ‘God’s purpose for old age’, a participant wrote, ‘New to subject of caring for older people, this talk changed my mindset, and given me a fresh perspective on old age and on growing old.’

‘‘Friendship was highlighted as being of immense importance to elderly people, and Louise gave several examples of how friendship, in one form or another, has made immense differences to people who are residents at Pilgrim Homes.’

Some days after a session on dementia, ‘‘Thank you all for an excellent day today.   All the people we spoke to were so glad they had come, including two friends from our church, and another old friend I’ve known for years.   It really helped us to understand the problems with dementia, and to know how to respond – in fact, we are visiting a good friend in his care home on Tuesday and the conversation will be very different after today! ‘

‘The presentations were ‘real’ and spoke to me in my language.  The anecdotes helped to cement the information into my memory.  All was shared from a point of love, grace, and most of all the Holy Spirit.  Thank you.’

Posted on Books by Louise Morse FB page: ‘Thank you for posting this ….. all your comments and posts are like beautiful drops of dew! Or liquid gold! Or wisdom! Or all three.’

About Dementia: Pathways to Hope: ‘.  I took on holiday with me your “Pathways to Hope”.  It was just that, and fulfils the subtitle; “Spiritual insights and Practical advice”.  It is wonderful and encouraging in such a multitude of ways and builds naturally on your earlier books.  I loved your description of CBT as “applied scriptural common sense”.  What a solid foundation!  You have woven together personal stories from many people, Bible messages, practical ideas with sensitive common sense, and hope which is based on God’s promises.  Your book is truly a practical manual, hands-on, as well as hands together in prayer for help!   Thank you.’

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