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Ageism affecting older people.
Caring for older people
Healthy living in old age
The deadly ripple effect of the anti-vaxxers
Anti-vaxxers are entitled to their choices, but is it right that when they get Covid they put extra pressure on the NHS and people needing urgent treatment are denied it?
How can we encourage someone with dementia when they're in hospital?
Hospital can be discombobulating for any patient, but those living with dementia find it even more disconcerting. Dr Jennifer Bute, a senior GP who has been living with dementia for 14 years, shares on this Zoom from professional and personal experience. And Louise Morse describes the one thing that physiotherapists say is usually missing, that is vital to their good care.
Let's pray urgently for a righteous decision for our nation
This week the nation teeters on the brink of choosing to serve God or Mammon. Prime Minister Boris Johnson's plan for funding social care properly is to raise national insurance contributions or taxes. But he is opposed by Cabinet members who say it is morally wrong to raise taxes. Is it morally right to refuse help to thousands of disabled adults, or frail elderly? Are we serving Mammon or Grace?
God's original plan and the great times ahead
We are so used to living day by day, just coping and growing in faith that we rarely take time to wonder how life would look if the Serpent hadn't 'won' in the Garden of Eden. Here are some thoughts by one of the world's best Bible scholars.
Talk Beats Pills to Ease Dementia Ills
With no cure for dementia attention turns to prevention and things that can hold the symptoms back - Brain & Soul Boosting Sessions are doing just that!
A close friend and communications technology staves off dementia
New research shows that a friend who listens and using technology to stay in touch increases brain volume, improves cognition by '4-years worth', and staves off dementia.
Technology helped during lock-down but we missed the sense of touch
With scary news like this, no wonder people are fearful about Covid
Good news doesn't sell newspapers, which is why news about Covid is often presented in a scary way.
80 year olds who exercise have lower dementia risk than younger, inactive adults
The risk of getting dementia increases with age, but new data shows that 80 year-olds who exercise have less risk than younger, sedentary adults.
There's hope after man paralysed 18 years 'speaks' with brain implant.
After being paralysed and unable to speak for 18 years, with the aid of a brain implant 'Pancho's words' came up on a computer screen.
Celebrating Grandparents and the Elderly
Yesterday saw the Worlds First Day for Grandparents and the Elderly, instituted by Pope Francis. Every year, on the 4th Sunday in July, we will have the chance to especially celebrate them - and let them know how important they are to us and to our culture!
Stay cool as you chill this Summer
Things we can do to stay cool this summer
Baptist Union warns of the bereaved turning to spiritualism
Many of those suddenly bereaved by Covid during the pandemic weren't able to say their final goodbye and are turning to spiritualism to make contact with their loved ones.
Euthanasia, a daughter's letter to the editor
After campaigning to change the law on assisted dying, 'crusader' ends his life painlessly and peacefully.
Meaning in life - right to the end
Where voluntary euthanasia has been introduced, the scope has increased swiftly from those with terminal illnesses and only months to live, to young people with depression, disabled babies, and even those whose doctors decide that their quality of life warrants euthanasia. the UK Parliament has resisted changing our law three times, yet Baroness Meacher, chair of Dignity with Dying, is pushing again for change through the House of Lords.
‘Will I Still Be Me?' Christine Bryden asks in her latest book
The most important aspect of dementia care is helping to hold intact the identity of the person with dementia (Kitwood, 2010) As the disease progresses it can seem that the person has changed and is not recognisable as who he/she used to be. But changed behaviour does not mean that the person has disappeared.
Life is better when we live it as God designed it to be
Many older people say they prefer to stay at home even though lock-down is ending. But we are made in God's image for relationship, and isolation is not good for us
Having to order drinks and meals by app on Smartphone discriminates against older people, says charity.
Having to pay by app on a smartphone in pubs and cafes discriminates against older people who don't have them says Age UK
A Zoom meeting on how to enable people with dementia to communicate again
In her book Dr Jennifer Bute tells of how people with dementia have been enabled to communicate. In this Zoom meeting she describes the techniques that are the most effective, and the results.
He is Risen! And pauses to comfort Mary
Jesus had yet to present Himself to God the Father after He rose from the dead - yet He paused to reassure a broken hearted woman M
The truth about life in care homes
Care home residents life skills are kept intact by their carers skills and relationships with them, including during Covid lockdown.
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