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Ageism affecting older people.
Caring for older people
Healthy living in old age
Betraying the 'great generation' in the coronavirus crisis
The 'great generation' - the 90 year olds and up who sacrificed to build the country up after the Great Depression and the 2nd World War should be sacrificed in the Coronavirus crisis, Professor says.
Disconnection destroys us - but King David's prescription restores us
Disconnection, such as the isolation necessary to prevent the spread of Covid-10, can make us anxious and affect our mental health. The Hebrew King David had a perfect prescription for putting it right.
Carers are 'critical', says Prime Minister
The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has said that carers looking after the elderly are critical. So let's now see a proper social care plan with sustainable funding.
Toilet rolls; technology, and a bedrock of human kindness
In the corona-virus isolation and fear, a bedrock of human kindness is rising to the occasion
Unforgiveness can affect your mental health
Withholding forgiveness affects our mental health, especially as we age. Here is how to do it.
The hand-made 'going Home' quilt
Dying is a spiritual event, and the last days can be lived more intensively than at any other time.
Time to tell the truth about care homes
Stories about the few bad care homes fuel dread and myths that obscure the truth - care homes all over the country are giving loving, individual care to their residents.
Crying woman
Minister says it's not government's job to look after people's parents in [care] homes
Government minister completely out of touch with reality when he says it's not the government's job to look after people's parents in care homes.
What would persuade you not to retire?
When the new immigration rules come into force next January there’s going to be a big change in how companies view older employees.  At present, research shows that when employees reach the age of 50 they keep quiet about it.  They see their promotion prospects as nil compared to younger colleagues.   It’as also harder to get a new job after the age of 50.
Still flowering, still fragrant
Kintsukuroi - a picture of God's grace for the broken
A word we hear often today is that someone is ‘broken’. They’ve experienced a catastrophe, perhaps a betrayal, a bereavement, or something else that has left them heartbroken, feeling shattered and worthless.
When life's stem Is cut short, the 'Rose of the Sharon' can help us flower
good end of life care allows the person to flower, even though the stem of their life has been cut
Why you need to guard your heart
Negative emotions have detrimental physical affects, especially if you are caring for a loved one with dementia
No welcome in this church for the Ancient of Days
Church in Minnesota asks its older members to worship somewhere else, while new 30 year old pastor tries to build a new culture with the young.
From the depths of dementia a husband calls out to caregivers
As his wife holds him in his fights with dementia's night terrors, Norm's biggest fear is that he will injure and hurt her. He writes this post so that other caregivers like her will know that it's the illness, and not the person, and that they are not alone.
Is a vaccine for Alzheimer's already in plain sight?
Israeli scientists say that the BCG vaccine used to treat bladder cancer, may prevent Alzheimer's disease.
Children’s school achievements almost double the national average in a project involving older people
Primary School childrens' achievements almost double in project involving older people
Ageism - the spanner in the works that could halt a booming British economy
The British economic boom may falter if older people don't stay in employment, as shortage of younger people entering the workplace increases.
Precious Christmas Cards lift loneliness
Christmas cards that tell us we are important to others, along with the Christmas message
Thoughts for standing at the Gate of the Year
Thoughts and hopes as we approach the New Year
How Holocaust Survivor's Christmas Cake celebrated life
How a Holocaust survivor celebrated life by making a Christmas cake
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