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Ageism affecting older people.
Caring for older people
Healthy living in old age
GPs to give terminal diagnoses by Skype
When doctors give terminal diagnoses, they are supportive, with deep empathy. Now it's proposed that they tell patients the news by Skype.
Everyone is a little cracked - but God's repairs make beautiful
We joke that everyone is a little cracked - but God repairs the cracks to our souls from the light, and the deep hammer blows that life brings.
Taking Grandma to McDonalds is good for her mental health!
Fast food eateries are familiar and comfortable social spaces that older people like, says recent research from Michigan. And socialising boosts cognitive health, and reduces the risk of dementia.
God speaks to us always, including in dementia.
Even in the deepest dementia, when the person seems to have disappeared, he or she remains. And God still speaks to His people. This is just one story of that.
New Alzheimer's drug trial like needle in haystack
Analysis of late data following unsuccessful trials of an 'anti-Alzheimer's' drug showed that it might help a few people if given earlier and in larger doses. Now approval for further trials are to be fast tracked through the American FDA
Our little booklet that could help Dame Barbara Windsor
Scott Mitchell is grieving now that his beloved wife, Barbara Windsor, is in a care home with dementia. A little book written by experts can help make the most of visiting.
Elderly could lose out on free TV licence for fear of fraud
Millions of over 75s will be hearing from the BBC shortly, with instructions for paying the full fee, unless they receive pension credit. But proving they receive the credit could seem to many to be making them susceptible to fraud.
The hardest kind of dementia care
Looking after an 'indifferent' parent with dementia who was cold to you as a child is tough.
Laughter - the best medicine for the glooms
Laughter is the best antidote to the gloom and doom we're hearing from all over the world!
104 year old walks 17 miles up steep ramp for charity
Care home resident Joan Willetts, 104, covers 17 miles walking 4 times a day up steep ramp to raise £thousands for charity.
The Shakespeare sonnett that describes dementia caregivers
Written for dementia caregivers: Shakespeare's sonnett 116 describes the love that alters not when alteration finds
The mystery in you
What is happening when someone with deep dementia, whose brain scans show significant damage, becomes lucid for a while again, with all the faculties he'd apparently lost? We are more than the sum of our parts.
Growing and healing through grief
When comedienne Maureen Lipman's husband died in 2004, she didn't know how to grieve because her role was to make people laugh. Now, 16 years later, she can see where she went wrong. We're not that good at grieving here in the UK, but with so much of it around because of Covid, we need to learn to do better. Learn about a new booklet on its way.
Moderated mediaeval torture could help older people with limited mobility
Having your limbs and body stretched by an external force can dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow, mitigating conditions due to impaired vascular efficiency, and be a help to older people with limited mobility.
How a tiny village sacrificed itself to stop the plague
350 people self-isolated to stop the plague. 260 of them died. But they succeeded, and deserve to be honoured.
Weep for them, and for ourselves, as we are all in danger here
The danger that dementia poses for all of us, and the heartbreaking stories of people struggling with it, who need care.
How can you let go when you haven't said goodbye?
In the Covid-10 crisis, many people haven't been able to say goodbye to their loved ones. It can make grieving more intense, and the shock greater. But Jesus holds all things together, and we can tell Him what we want our loved one to know.
A kiss over the wall that goes straight to the heart
Excluded from the care home because of the Covid crisis, each day he blows a kiss over the wall to his wife of 49 years.
Feeling all at sea?
Feeling all at sea is how memory loss can feel - and husbands or wives who can't visit their other halves in care homes because of the Covid crisis. The Bible has a verse to reflect on to bring peace.
How the Covid crisis has reset our values
The reality of life in the Covid crisis has shifted our values, so we now recognise the value of people like carers, who make a difference in people's lives.
Dancing with Grandma
During the CV-19 lock-down, grandparents and grandchildren are keeping in touch over WhatsApp, Skype and so on, but are missing the human touch, and the hugs. Once lock-down is over, a new study suggests that , dancing with grandma will do more good than they realise.
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