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Ageism affecting older people.
Caring for older people
Healthy living in old age
When dementia means reading between the lines
When someone we love has dementia, we need all our communication skills to help them, including reading between the lines and understanding their behaviour.
A new session for Brain and Soul Boosting
Pastor Andy Wilcock and his wife Anne-Marie run Brain & soul Boosting sessions in their church, Hampden View in Sheffield. They are popular with people from other churches, who come to join in. Pastor Andy has sent in a brilliant new session they've produced on the rainbow in the story of Noah's Ark.
Not wanting a team of bald men like him costs his company £71,000 compensation for ageism
A mobile phone company wanted younger, more dynamic men than the current sales manager, and one line manager said he didn't want a team of bald-headed men like him - the firm ended up having to pay £71,000 compensation for ageism and discrimination.
Joy is the secret to a happy 2023
We're living in uncertain, even fearful times - but having joy, in particular the joy of the Lord, will give us the strength to make 2023 a good year.
Third-agers - your country needs you!
Trying to persuade older employees that they've made a mistake in retiring early isn't going to work for the government, but diving deeper into the reason for it will.
How much we owe to Mary, the mother of Jesus
The Protestant Church tends to overlook Mary, the mother of Jesus, at Christmas time. But she sacrificed much for us, from the danger of stoning to the approbrium of her community in agreeing with the angel Gabriel.
A treat for you on Boxing Day
The best gifts are not those that come in wrapping paper, but the gifts of kindness we receive, sometimes from strangers. On Boxing Day why not pull up these memories and relive them, thanking God for them at the same time.
Catch a touch of Christmas blessing before it moves on today!
When children put on Nativity Play for Bethany care home residents, joy lights up like a star!
Churches' work worth over £50 bn a year: it makes sense for govt to fund building repairs
Churches' work to individuals and communities is worth over £40 bn a year :let the government help with building repairs and keep their working going.
Study finds most middle aged adults are reluctant to test new drugs to prevent dementia
Researchers found that most middle aged people said they would not take part in a test of an Alzheimer's drug, fearing the side effects. From those reported in recent years, it is understandable.
Relatives' Associations challenge isolating against infection in care homes
Thousands of residents in care homes died when elderly patients with Covid were discharged from hospitals into them, yet despite the evidence that segregation prevents the spread of infection, residents' charities are challenging the practice in a Debate in Parliament.
The Scriptural Cure for Anxiety
Living in uncertain times has caused a surge in levels of anxiety - yet there's a proven remedy in the Scriptures. We can read, absorb, apply and live anxiety free lives.
Tennessee Governor declares Day of Prayer, Humility and Fasting
The Governor of Tennessee has declared Friday, 30th September, as a day of prayer and fasting for God's guidance and forgiveness. If the results equal those at Dunkirk after George VI called Britain to prayer in the Second World War, Tennessee has a great future!
Queen Elizabeth's Eternal Crown
It felt like a family bereavement, hearing the news of the Queen's death: part of our lives gone forever.
Give your brain a total workout with music
Listening to music gives your brain a total workout, activating most regions including those involved in well-being, learning, cognitive function, quality of life, and happiness.
Is it right that children lose their inheritance when a parent's house has to be sold to pay for care?
Funding for social care is a vexed topic, especially when an older person's home has to be sold to be for their care. Kirsty Allsopp, TV presenter, questions whether it is right for working families to expect the State to pay for their parents' care so they can inherit the value of their homes when they pass on.
£160 m govt fund for dementia research and a new task force to speed results
£126m has been promised by the government for dementia research, and a new task force to help speed the process. But is it throwing money down a black hole? The current research, focused on amyloid B, has produced no results for over 20 years.
The seeds sown in grandchildren's hearts can blossom years later.
The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is deep and unique, and the seeds sown in grandchildren's' hearts lives on and can blossom, long after grandparents have died.
Age Reversing Factor so astonishing study lead professor takes daily supplement himself
A substance found in sea squirts renewed the brains of aged mice. The lead Professor was so impressed he now takes a supplement each day.
Be kind to yourself by being kind to others
When we do kind acts for others we are also being kind to ourselves - to our brains and our bodies.
15 million people fewer with dementia by 2040 if current decline continues
New cases of dementia are falling, and if the decline continues by 2040 there will be 15 million fewer cases. This is happening without drugs, and is down to the power of friendship and life style changes
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