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Ageism affecting older people.
Caring for older people
Healthy living in old age
Your 'good works' come to you right to the end ...
Jean Slack's story shows how God has good works lined up for everyone to do, to the very end of their lives.
Music brings ballet dancer with dementia back to herself
In the depths of dementia, Prima Ballerina Marta C. González is transported back to the role she played in Swan Lake, and steps, momentarily, through the fog to her real self.
Honouring sacrifices on Remembrance Day and thinking of those  in this Covid war.
Remembrance Sunday honours sacrifices made by ordinary people in the war - and makes us think of the sacrifices being made in the current war on the invisible enemy, the coronavirus.
The storm after the calm
A spontaneous poem from the Holy Spirit about the storm after the calm, (Mark 4: 35-41) the terror before the storm and the terror after when you realise Who is in the boat with you.
When we are angry with God
When we stop talking to God the Holy Spirit takes over for us.
A hero with a Godly Perspective
Patrick Hutchison went as a 'senior' to protect the young in a protest demo in London and rescued white racist.
Elderly denied hospital treatment for Covid during first wave - The Sunday Times
For some weeks at the height of the Covid pandemic the elderly were denied hospital treatment, according to an investigation by the Sunday Times. The NHS has issued a rebuttal.
Former head of the nuclear deterrent aiming for £5bn lawsuit to force NHS to meet lawful obligation to fund continuing health care.  
If a physical condition is the reason you need care, whether in your own home or in a care home, the NHS has a fund to pay for it. It's called Continuing Healthcare. But they have refused, in tens of thousands of cases. Now the former head of the UK's Nuclear Deterrent Programme aims to launch a $5bn lawsuit to make them pay, and refund those they refused.
Doing cartwheels with the truth
Keeping frail elderly residents safe from Covid is not abuse and cruelty, as a national newspaper claims. Care homes are going many extra miles to keep them happy and occupied.
'Health Editors' article insults carers all over the country
An article by a Health Editor in the national press suggests that care homes' safety measures are a form of abuse and lead to residents' horrible, lonely death. Nothing could be further from the truth. Older people are safer in care homes than in their own homes.
Ten Top Tips for mental health in lockdown
Isolation during the pandemic is having a bad effect on our mental health, but here are ten top tips to help.
GPs to give terminal diagnoses by Skype
When doctors give terminal diagnoses, they are supportive, with deep empathy. Now it's proposed that they tell patients the news by Skype.
Everyone is a little cracked - but God's repairs make beautiful
We joke that everyone is a little cracked - but God repairs the cracks to our souls from the light, and the deep hammer blows that life brings.
Taking Grandma to McDonalds is good for her mental health!
Fast food eateries are familiar and comfortable social spaces that older people like, says recent research from Michigan. And socialising boosts cognitive health, and reduces the risk of dementia.
God speaks to us always, including in dementia.
Even in the deepest dementia, when the person seems to have disappeared, he or she remains. And God still speaks to His people. This is just one story of that.
New Alzheimer's drug trial like needle in haystack
Analysis of late data following unsuccessful trials of an 'anti-Alzheimer's' drug showed that it might help a few people if given earlier and in larger doses. Now approval for further trials are to be fast tracked through the American FDA
Our little booklet that could help Dame Barbara Windsor
Scott Mitchell is grieving now that his beloved wife, Barbara Windsor, is in a care home with dementia. A little book written by experts can help make the most of visiting.
Elderly could lose out on free TV licence for fear of fraud
Millions of over 75s will be hearing from the BBC shortly, with instructions for paying the full fee, unless they receive pension credit. But proving they receive the credit could seem to many to be making them susceptible to fraud.
The hardest kind of dementia care
Looking after an 'indifferent' parent with dementia who was cold to you as a child is tough.
Laughter - the best medicine for the glooms
Laughter is the best antidote to the gloom and doom we're hearing from all over the world!
104 year old walks 17 miles up steep ramp for charity
Care home resident Joan Willetts, 104, covers 17 miles walking 4 times a day up steep ramp to raise £thousands for charity.
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