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Ageism affecting older people.
Caring for older people
Healthy living in old age
Now that ageism is affecting business there are programmes for change.
Attempts by the WHO and other institutions to eradicate ageism have been ineffective, but now that it is holding back business there are programmes for change.
Majority of 40 – 60 year olds fear dementia, YouGov survey reveals, but risk is higher for women
More is known about preventing dementia than ever before. It includes taking care of mental health.
Using the internet can halve the risk of dementia for older people
Using the internet halves the risk of dementia for older people, a large American study found. And a study by UCL found that regular use increased wellbeing and lowered depression. Yet millions of vulnerable older people need help in accessing the internet.
What dementia teaches us about ourselves
In an odd paradox, looking at the effects of dementia helps reveal how we are made in the image of God, because we are more than the sum of our parts. Discussing God's design and how He cares for us can be affirming and even bring joy.
Talking more about dying
Hospice UK wants us to talk more about dying and death, as part of its flagship awareness campaign. But we need to look beyond death, to what God has prepared for us.
Keep 'Chilling and Sinister' Canadian euthanasia out of Scotland
World's leading expert on palliative care describes how people not contributing to society in Canada are caught in the crosshairs of a predatory euthanasia programme.
3 million women forced into providing unpaid care: church members show that they matter
Church pastoral workers standing in the gap as 3 million women and 300,000 men are forced into providing unpaid care.
When 'bailed out and burned out,' our carers delivered
During the COVID-19 pandemic, carers in not-for-profit residential care homes were better motivated than those in the private sector, says a new report by Warwick Business Schools, showing that motivation makes a huge difference.
At Eastertime, a former 'waspy' atheist had the last word.
Two mighty writers clashed when one, A N Wilson, wrote a book called Jesus, portraying Him as a failed prophet. The other, Bernard Levin, castigated him and his book in The Times. But A N Wilson regained his faith and wrote a stunning Easter Saturday article about Easter.
Bodies crumbling, but spirits alive and well, thanks to Easter
In their nineties, Harry writes that his and his wife's bodies are crumbling but their spirits and personalities are alive and well
Shall I walk with you?
The kindness of strangers, and showing the Way.
When dementia means reading between the lines
When someone we love has dementia, we need all our communication skills to help them, including reading between the lines and understanding their behaviour.
A new session for Brain and Soul Boosting
Pastor Andy Wilcock and his wife Anne-Marie run Brain & soul Boosting sessions in their church, Hampden View in Sheffield. They are popular with people from other churches, who come to join in. Pastor Andy has sent in a brilliant new session they've produced on the rainbow in the story of Noah's Ark.
Not wanting a team of bald men like him costs his company £71,000 compensation for ageism
A mobile phone company wanted younger, more dynamic men than the current sales manager, and one line manager said he didn't want a team of bald-headed men like him - the firm ended up having to pay £71,000 compensation for ageism and discrimination.
Joy is the secret to a happy 2023
We're living in uncertain, even fearful times - but having joy, in particular the joy of the Lord, will give us the strength to make 2023 a good year.
Third-agers - your country needs you!
Trying to persuade older employees that they've made a mistake in retiring early isn't going to work for the government, but diving deeper into the reason for it will.
How much we owe to Mary, the mother of Jesus
The Protestant Church tends to overlook Mary, the mother of Jesus, at Christmas time. But she sacrificed much for us, from the danger of stoning to the approbrium of her community in agreeing with the angel Gabriel.
A treat for you on Boxing Day
The best gifts are not those that come in wrapping paper, but the gifts of kindness we receive, sometimes from strangers. On Boxing Day why not pull up these memories and relive them, thanking God for them at the same time.
Catch a touch of Christmas blessing before it moves on today!
When children put on Nativity Play for Bethany care home residents, joy lights up like a star!
Churches' work worth over £50 bn a year: it makes sense for govt to fund building repairs
Churches' work to individuals and communities is worth over £40 bn a year :let the government help with building repairs and keep their working going.
Study finds most middle aged adults are reluctant to test new drugs to prevent dementia
Researchers found that most middle aged people said they would not take part in a test of an Alzheimer's drug, fearing the side effects. From those reported in recent years, it is understandable.
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