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Ageism affecting older people.
Caring for older people
Healthy living in old age
A Zoom meeting on how to enable people with dementia to communicate again
In her book Dr Jennifer Bute tells of how people with dementia have been enabled to communicate. In this Zoom meeting she describes the techniques that are the most effective, and the results.
He is Risen! And pauses to comfort Mary
Jesus had yet to present Himself to God the Father after He rose from the dead - yet He paused to reassure a broken hearted woman M
The truth about life in care homes
Care home residents life skills are kept intact by their carers skills and relationships with them, including during Covid lockdown.
Held together in the National Day of Reflection
Reflecting is better than remembering because it changes our perspective on loss and grief and helps us find comfort in gratitude.
When it comes to paying the bill for lock-down, we're all in it together.
Older workers have lost more in the pandemic than the young, yet concerns are raised only for the latter.
The Book About Getting Older – for people who don’t want to talk about it
A compassionate, funny, observant look at being very old that gives insight and hints at what you should do now, before you get there.
Shaking off the emotional shackles of lockdown
Soon we'll be able to step out of lock-down, but many older people will be imprisoned still by anxiety and depression.  Brain and Soul Boosting for Seniors is a proven way of drawing them together and unlocking their chains.
Never mind the roses - smell the wild rhubarb!
Losing a sense of smell has been shown in studies going back to 2017 an indicator that the person is developing dementia, and following the principle of 'use it or lose it', Louise Morse intends to exercise her capacity by smelling the new wild rhubarb disinfectant spray.
Give shielding pensioners emergency telephone numbers to call - it could prevent murder
Give pensioners emergency telephone numbers to call. An elderly pensioner driven by fear and desperation in lock-down strangles his wife. But a listening ear might have prevented the disaster.
Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty sort?
Being a glass half empty sort is a drag and can take years off your life. But you can change how you think about life!
Capt Sir Tom showed 'we can do it'
Capt Sir Tom's legacy is more than the £32 million he raised walking laps around his garden at the age of 99 with his zimmer frame: he showed that whatever your age you can encourage others.
Lord, give me patience!
We need patience as we wait for the vaccine roll-out, and the pandemic to end. A Seminary in California has found a way of helping students develop it.
Can a person's spirit be harmed by end of life care?
Even at our weakest, most helpless times, our spirits are safely held by God's Holy spirit.
Don't let yourself be swept up with Covid anxiety
Covid is causing the biggest rise in mental illness since World War II. Here's what we can do to help ourselves, and others.
Unsure of the New Year? God has plans for you!
Uncertain about what the New Year will bring? God has it all planned, including our part in it.
Have you a negative view of 2021?
The most important thing we can do in 2021 is to watch what we are thinking. 'Proverbs 4:23 (NIV), “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”
Half baked advice from celebrity cook
Never mind the quality - see the length says celebrity cook, saying that vaccinations should be given to the young, not to the elderly who are most at risk. She has had a good life, so that's alright then.
Home alone at Christmas? A dozen things to enjoy on your own!
Because of Covid, many people will be spending Christmas Day alone. But there are things they can do to make it a blessing.
Seniors - Your Country Needs You!
A psychiatrist and a daughter give reasons why older people are needed to balance our culture.
Your 'good works' come to you right to the end ...
Jean Slack's story shows how God has good works lined up for everyone to do, to the very end of their lives.
Music brings ballet dancer with dementia back to herself
In the depths of dementia, Prima Ballerina Marta C. González is transported back to the role she played in Swan Lake, and steps, momentarily, through the fog to her real self.
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