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Ageism affecting older people.
Caring for older people
Healthy living in old age
Older car drivers and insurance premiums
Older drivers need their cars for shopping and to avoid isolation, but insurance premiums are increasingly prohibitive.
When it’s hope against hope, the Easter version wins
We are held up by the real hope that has evidence (Hebrews 11: 1-6),including the 'tribulation' of dementia.
Improving their health - the Fairwater Fish Bar Bunch
It's a companiable cup of tea with friends around a table in a fish bar - but it's also a social intervention that improves health and helps reduce the risk of dementia.
Our souls are not good if detached
Connections are important, especially the social kind - we are not good if detached. God designed us to be connected to one another, and when that connection is lost, the soul suffers.
Think twice before saying ‘you look good for your age.’
Think twice before giving the back-handed compliment that reveals ageist thinking.
A World without Christianity ?
The world would be a very dark place without Christianity. Sharon James outlines the reasons why.
We do it because we can!
More and more people aged 80 and over are telling their stories; stories of things they are doing and challenges they delight in meeting - because they can!
One New Year’s Resolution you should definitely adopt!
Among our New Year's resolutions should be one on building positive views of our old age so that it's healthy and meaningful.
Could it be dementia, or are older relatives coping with Mild Cognitive Impairment due to stress or depression this Christmas?
Pushing for more dementia diagnoses in the absence of care and genuine treatment is not helpful this Christmas time, especially when symptoms could be Mild Cognitive Impairment with the stress of it all!
Oil scents diffused at night tripled memory strength
Memories strengthened, brain anatomy improved, and neuronal growth stimulated by 'olfactory stimulation' with scented oils diffused at night, shows study by scientists at University California, Irvine.
Free to be YOU in Old Age
Your thoughts determine how well you will be in your later years: make sure you are not harbouring ageist beliefs as they will cause ill-health and shorten your life.
Sorry, Mr Osman, but I'm not buying any more of your brilliant books
The Thursday Murder Club books by Richard Osman are wonderful, but sadly, in his fourth book Mr Osman has betrayed the character of Elizabeth, the lead person, and given a boost to the Dying with Dignity lobby. I won't read them again and will not buy his new ones.
Traffic Officer Brings Mixed Blessing
He'd been the first at the scene of the near-death accident 18 months' ago, and at a chance meeting this week offered an unusual kindness - but it's a mixed blessing.
Seniors - let's speak the Name of Jesus over the young ones
Asking older people, especially those of us with life experience, to pray for our teenagers, and speak the Name of Jesus over their lives.
Doing this one thing could change your life
A research study that showed how a group of older men turned their physiological clock back by changing the way they thought about themselves.
Keep smelling the roses: scents strengthen memory and brain functions.
Sleepers inhaling scents for two hours a night (from a diffuser) showed memory improvement and strengthened neuronal function.
Dealing with stress and finding rest for your soul
1.3 million people are off work with stress and although there's a remedy in the Scriptures and a promise of finding rest for our souls, we often find it hard to do.
How thankfulness is the key to good mental health
David seemed imprisoned in his negative, hopeless world, but doing what the Scripture said and helped by the Holy Spirit, he is now free.
Now that ageism is affecting business there are programmes for change.
Attempts by the WHO and other institutions to eradicate ageism have been ineffective, but now that it is holding back business there are programmes for change.
Majority of 40 – 60 year olds fear dementia, YouGov survey reveals, but risk is higher for women
More is known about preventing dementia than ever before. It includes taking care of mental health.
Using the internet can halve the risk of dementia for older people
Using the internet halves the risk of dementia for older people, a large American study found. And a study by UCL found that regular use increased wellbeing and lowered depression. Yet millions of vulnerable older people need help in accessing the internet.
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