Dementia-pathways-to-hopeWhy I wrote this book:

It may seem strange to talk about pathways to hope in the context of dementia.  Although much more is known about the condition since I first began writing about it, it still evokes dread and fear, probably more than any other illness.  Mention dementia in a group of people and watch their expressions:  you can see that it evokes the very worst sort of images – of people in the final stages of the disease, and usually the most severe cases: worst case scenarios dominate their reactions and feelings.   There is no clear treatment to follow, because each case is unique – a combination of the pathology and the personality. But once thickets of misunderstanding and misinformation are brushed aside, there are pathways to hope, and this is what I aimed to do in this book.  Also, secular models of support don’t adequately reflect Christian values of compassion, love and service, neither do they describe the power of spiritual support. Yet this is key to the wellbeing of the caregiver, as well as the person with dementia. This book is packed with examples of what works, as well as practical advice and accessible medical information.

Some readers’ reviews:

Just brilliant. Reality plus hope – so authentic and encouraging. Thank you’.

Great book, would recommend to all who are serious for a more in-depth understanding of this condition (illness) and how we can care for both the sufferer and the carer. Just brilliant. Reality plus hope – so authentic and encouraging. Thank you.

‘This compassionate and timely resource will be critical to those coping with dementia in a family member or friend and those who fear they may develop it. ‘

Chapter 1 –  At the heart of the issue

The effects of negative thinking

Chapter 2 –  The brightest hope on the narrowest path

The solid nature of real hope, and examples of how it works

Chapter 3  –  Dementia and the hidden hope

What dementia is, what it isn’t, and the importance of resilience

Chapter 4 –  The diagnosis dilemma

The push for more diagnosis and the lack of care brings us to a crossroads.

Chapter 5 – Strength for the Journey

How preparing for old age strengthens us even through the dementia journey

Chapter 6 – a way to conquer the dementia plaque

Science searches for the answer but could it be simply living the way God intended?

Chapter 7 – Communities that work

Church and other communities helping with powerful results

Chapter 8 – Connecting at an eternal level

The Holy Spirit connects us even when other communications fail.

CHAPTER 9 – The highway through the heart

Caregivers caring for themselves

Chapter 10 – Stories of hope

When ‘Brain and Soul Boosting’ restored hope; Sue and Tony’s story; Lesley’s and the Nuns’.

* * * *

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