Category: Dementia

Our souls are not good if detached

Connections are important, especially the social kind – we are not good if detached. God designed us to be connected to one another, and when that connection is lost, the soul suffers.

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What dementia teaches us about ourselves

In an odd paradox, looking at the effects of dementia helps reveal how we are made in the image of God, because we are more than the sum of our parts. Discussing God’s design and how He cares for us can be affirming and even bring joy.

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How can we encourage someone with dementia when they’re in hospital?

Hospital can be discombobulating for any patient, but those living with dementia find it even more disconcerting. Dr Jennifer Bute, a senior GP who has been living with dementia for 14 years, shares on this Zoom from professional and personal experience. And Louise Morse describes the one thing that physiotherapists say is usually missing, that is vital to their good care.

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