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God’s original plan and the great times ahead

We are so used to living day by day, just coping and growing in faith that we rarely take time to wonder how life would look if the Serpent hadn’t ‘won’ in the Garden of Eden. Here are some thoughts by one of the world’s best Bible scholars.

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Louise Morse

When management sees staff as humans made in God’s own image

There’s an interesting item in Premier’s digital newsletter this morning about a study that looked at what happens  in the workplace when we treat staff  either as ‘resources’ or beings made in God’s image.  (See ref below). The report titled ‘Human resources – recognising the personhood of workers in the charity and public sectors’, was supported by the Leech Fellowship Committee and Baptist and Anglican churches. 

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Electrical zapping restores working memory

‘The rhythm of life is a powerful beat,’ Sammy Davis Jr used to sing in the seventies.And, if scientists at Boston University are right, getting that rhythm to the right beat in the brains of older people could restore their short-term working memory to that of 20-year-olds.  Our short-term working memory helps us to keep our plates spinning, storing information for around 10 – 15 seconds to allow problem solving, reasoning, planning and decision making, helping us, for example, to keep a telephone number in mind while writing it down.

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Could this comedian save lives?

Shakespeare wrote that music was the food of love but it seems that laughter is the elixir of life.  Particularly when prompted by comedian Michael McIntyre.

Deaths from influenza amongst the elderly have risen sharply in recent years, and it’s known that flu vaccinations don’t work for everybody.   In 2017 researchers at Nottingham University found that being in a good mood before having a ‘flu vaccination increases its protective power.

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