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A treat for you on Boxing Day

The best gifts are not those that come in wrapping paper, but the gifts of kindness we receive, sometimes from strangers. On Boxing Day why not pull up these memories and relive them, thanking God for them at the same time.

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The Scriptural Cure for Anxiety

Living in uncertain times has caused a surge in levels of anxiety – yet there’s a proven remedy in the Scriptures. We can read, absorb, apply and live anxiety free lives.

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Seeing ourselves as God sees us

Oh, would some Power give us the gift; To see ourselves as others see us’, wrote Scots poet Robbie Burns, but the greatest gift is to be able to see ourselves as God sees us.

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Think yourself younger!

When the Queen turned down an award for ‘oldie of the year’ she said we are as young as we feel, and therefore she didn’t fit the award criteria. Research shows we can think ourselves old or young.

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Healthy living in old age
Louise Morse

Shaking off the emotional shackles of lockdown

Soon we’ll be able to step out of lock-down, but many older people will be imprisoned still by anxiety and depression.  Brain and Soul Boosting for Seniors is a proven way of drawing them together and unlocking their chains.

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Lord, give me patience!

We need patience as we wait for the vaccine roll-out, and the pandemic to end. A Seminary in California has found a way of helping students develop it.

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