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Everything you need to know about the war on Ukraine is there in words and pictures on today’s Economist’s website.  It opens with a picture of armed Russian soldiers crawling across an empty bridge in broad daylight.  Yesterday, on another platform, there was a picture of a Russian tank firing a missile into a civilian block of flats.  It makes me ask what kind of men can fire death into ordinary families living their every day lives?

This picture is of David Bute and his family.  They live away from the centre, in a quieter part of Ukraine – a part that God has transformed, through his work, into a little town with thriving businesses, schools and – most importantly – Church.  David is emailing daily updates, and this one is particularly descriptive:

My father was born in London at the beginning of the 2nd world war, and I remember hearing stories of how he was evacuated as a child away from the capital to escape the bombing campaign. I never expected that Ukraine, in the 21st century would be experiencing something similar.

‘Kyiv and other cities are being attacked constantly, but now we personally face that threat. Yesterday evening, we heard the warning sirens in our city for the first time. Initial disbelief was followed by a rush to collect our ‘to-go’ bags and important (for some) questions like, ‘Should we take the cat?’

‘Two years ago, with the help of many people around the world, we built an amazing school called Start Academy. Ironically, little did we know that we were actually building a bomb shelter. In our city, the designated bomb shelters were full – some turning people away – some only letting women and children in. About 40 from our team gathered at Start Academy and distributed blankets and mattresses in preparation for the night ahead. We will provide shelter for anyone who needs it.

‘How do we explain what is going on to Susanna, our seven year old? What affect is this dark situation going to have on the future of our nation? How many people are going to have to die for there to be peace? How many people are going to turn to Jesus as they understand he is the only hope for this broken world? So many questions.

‘But prayers were answered for us, and by 10pm we received the all clear, and were able to return home as the night curfew began – because martial law is in place across Ukraine. Other cities in Ukraine are not so blessed as us, and the bombing continued through the night.

‘Thank you to everyone who stepped up yesterday with financial donations – we really appreciate it. We are already using funds that you sent from my personal Ukrainian account to help those in need. We were able to purchase a considerable number of mattresses, blankets and food yesterday.  
Updated  information for donations is available below – two options for now –  

through Novo US and Novo UK. We are crying out to God to bring an end to the fighting and suffering. And asking him to use us to bring light to this darkness.

With much love from
David and Katya

Option 1: Novo US (501c3 organisation) have set up a special emergency fund – details here: https://novo.org/ukraine-crisis

Option 2: Novo UK (UK Registered Charity) https://account.stewardship.org.uk/donation/oneoff/Bute






Louise Morse

Louise Morse MA (CBT) is media and external relations manager for the Pilgrims’ Friend Society. She is a writer and speaker, and author of books on issues of old age, including dementia, published by Lion Monarch and SPCK. She is a cognitive behavioural therapist, and her Masters’ dissertation examined the effects of caring for a loved one with dementia on close relatives.

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  1. Wendy Gaskell

    Hi Louise, Is this Jennifer’s son/relation? Will pray for them. xx

  2. Louise Morse

    It is Jennifer’s one, Wendy. He lives sacrificially and God has used him wonderfully in Ukraine. Much prayer needed!

  3. Paul Foster

    Thanks for that, I met David and Katya about 9 years ago in UK, and am a friend of David’s sister. Good to hear how and what they are doing.

    1. Louise Morse

      Thanks for letting me know, and I’m sure you are praying as fervently as we all are. Have you read the book Jennifer and I wrote together? ‘Dementia: A Doctor’s Personal Journey of Hope.’ Such an interesting life story!

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